Lower Manistee Below Tippy Dam River Fishing Report 


September 2014



Michigan Guided Fly Fishing & Light Tackle Guided Fishing Trips on the Lower Manistee River for Salmon, Steelhead, and Trout.


  • Lower Manistee River Fishing Conditions
(Tippy Dam) Tippy Dam is a Tailwater fishery and provides great opportunities for salmon / trout / steelhead anglers as it has good access, and produces good numbers of  fish. 

(Steelhead / Trout / Salmon / Smallmouth)

The lower Manistee river below Tippy Dam has seen a little increase in flow with local rains (nothing like southern Michigan.) The cooler summer has the water several degrees below normal temps for Sept. Trout fishing remains good to great, mostly smaller fish with a bigger Brown trout in the mix. Caddis, Ants, Hoppers, and Bwo's are working well. A few summer steelhead are near the dam, but have also seen a fair amount of fishing pressure. First light has been the best chance at these Hot fish! Good mornings have produce as many as 5 of these fish on, and of course some days of no takers.

Salmon have also started to show, Fish are moving in good to great numbers this past week. Local rains have pushed a good number upstream in the deeper pools, and new fish have been hooked entering the river each day.

September  will bring good to great numbers of fresh salmon into the river offering opportunities for streamers as well as gear fishing for these brutes. Mornings and overcast days lead to the best fishing. Most of September is spent on the Betsie river, less crowds and good numbers of fish. Late September and early Oct on the Big Manistee will see lots of spawning salmon!! A few steelhead and a fair numbers of browns can be hooked feeding on salmon roe. Mid October will bring good numbers of fall steelhead and the best fishing of the year will start!!

Guided Fall Fishing Manistee River 2014



Guided Fishing Services below Tippy Dam on the Lower Manistee River


Tippy Dam is a tailwater fishery and provides great opportunities for trout fishing as well as Fall Steelhead and Salmon! October and November can provide the hottest and best steelhead opportunities on this big water! Dec - March offers good to great fishing with little to no pressure. The key to winter fishing is the weather!  

 Trout / Steelhead / Salmon / Smallmouth Bass

   (Lower / Below Tippy Dam) Tippy Dam is a tailwater fishery and provides great opportunities for trout fishing as well as Fall Steelhead and Salmon! May and June can provide great hatch opportunities on this big water!

 Steelhead / Trout / Salmon

Best time of the year for trout on the lower Manistee river

June marks the annual  Iso "Isonychia" (Slate Drakes on the Manistee river), the Hex "Hexaginia limbata" hatch (Pere Marquette River, Manistee River, and AuSable River), The Grey Drake  "Siphlonurus" Hatch, and great fishing with "Giant stone flies" (Pteronarcys California) on our Michigan waters. If you are interested in booking a prime date in advance for great dry fly trophy trout fishing in Michigan (open days limited) call or e-mail for more information.

*Fall Steelhead: Late Oct and early Nov are the best times to find good numbers of fall steelhead behind spawning salmon. Water temps on the Manistee will drop below 40 degrees in late Nov - Dec. 




The lower Manistee River below Tippy dam is fishing well for trout, and winter steelhead! Look for great fishing with warming nights! 

 Jon's Guide Service offers Guided Spring steelhead fishing, summer trout fishing, late summer smallmouth fishing, and fall salmon fishing and fall steelhead fishing on the Manistee River. Guided Fishing year-round below Tippy Dam (Wellston Michigan) to Lake Michigan and the town of Manistee Michigan for Steelhead, Salmon, Smallmouth, and Trout fishing opportunities on light tackle and fly gear.    

 Hatch chart for Lower Manistee River



Contact us if your looking for a great "Michigan steelhead trip, or a salmon trip of a lifetime." We offer streamer fishing, drift fishing, Float & Indy rig fishing, Spey.

*New* body bait and spinner trips for Salmon & Smallmouth. This is a great experience, and a great family trip.

Salmon / Trout / Steelhead fishing on Michigan's Famous Big Manistee River 


The incredible World Record Manistee River Brown caught by Tom Healy 

weighed 41 lbs. 7 oz.


Ways to rig for Michigan Steelhead


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Michigan Fly Fishing & Light Tackle Guided Fishing Trips on the Upper Manistee River for Trout.































































































































































Hatch chart for Upper Manistee River































































































Heavy rains (2 inches or more) can slow fishing due to large numbers of worms that are washed into the river! Fish pass food quickly, and the bite is back on in a matter of days!
































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The Manistee River in Michigan, is also known as the “Big” Manistee or "Big River", runs into Lake Michigan, and has a great resident trout population (one of the better rivers to fly fish in the Midwest) with great runs of steelhead and salmon below Tippy Dam. 
































































It is a medium sized trout stream in its upper reaches (CCC Bridge area) and a large dynamic steelhead and salmon fishery   
































When the demand for trout fishing slows in the fall in the upper section, salmon pick up the pace in August, with some great early streamer fishing.  Large runs of Chinook and Coho salmon enter the river in September. Fall run steelhead follow the salmon into the river and top the list of great fish on a fly in early October
































(steelhead enter the river to feed on salmon roe). 
































































Originating a few miles to the east of Mancelona, the Manistee flows south for approximately twelve miles while paralleling the famous AuSable River which is just a few miles to the east.  The difference between the two rivers is that after paralleling each other, the AuSable turns east (Grayling .Michigan) and flows into Lake Huron while the Manistee turns southwest, travels across the state and flows into Lake Michigan (offering many miles of great fly fishing opportunities).  The Manistee flows for nearly a hundred miles from its headwaters to Lake Michigan.
































The best trout water is found in its upper reaches from the vicinity of Mancelona Road (M-38) downstream over thirty miles to M-66.  This stretch of river is small at first (approximately 15-25 feet wide) and gradually gets larger and swifter as it nears the M-66 Bridge (approximately 100-120 feet wide).  The upper reaches of this stretch are home to beautiful brook trout and some great brown trout in small water.  The farther downstream you venture the more brown trout you will find and the bigger the fish!  There is also a healthy population of rainbow trout in the lower reaches of this section (rainbows up to the 10lb range can be found).  The size of the fish can vary greatly, so cover a good amount of water. A guide and a drift boat can help your chances at a trophy trout! The overall consensus is that the farther downstream you venture, the larger the fish (there are very large trout found in the mid to lower reaches of this section).
































































Access can be found in many areas along the Manistee River.  Access to the upper section of Manistee River can be found near M-38 (Mancelona Road) and is best fished with a light fly rod (3-5 weight).  Below Mancelona Road you will find access in the town of Deward off of Fayette Road, County Road 612 Bridge, the CCC Bridge area (King Rd), and Sharon Bridge area.  There are also plenty of other areas to access the upper river (see map). 
































































































 Access to the lower river can be found from numerous side roads off of M-55.  River Road (parallels the north side of the river) and East River Road are found near the river, and lead to Tippy Dam.  North High Bridge Road crosses the river a short distance below Tippy Dam (High Bridge Access) while other roads parallel and lead to the river (see maps). 
































 fallen logs, undercut banks, deep runs, beautiful pools, and sharp bends all creating good holding habitat for trout.  In the upper reaches, you will find a lot of overhanging brush and good cover to provide shelter for the trout. 
































































There is a special regulations area for artificial flies only ( M-72 downstream to CCC Bridge). 
































This is a productive stretch of river that  has  good access and a lot of goodholding water (good numbers of trophy trout).  The special regulations put upon this stretch have helped to preserve this great resource. "Catch and release and the future will remain".
































Below Tippy Dam is the area of the Manistee River known for its quality runs of steelhead and salmon.  Every year anglers come from around the World to fish for the thousands of steelhead and salmon that enter its lower river (no fish ladder at Tippy Dam).  The water is big and in some areas very tough to wade.  A Guide and a boat will certainly help to cover the water. 
































 The river below Tippy Dam flows aggressively towards Lake Michigan over a sand and gravel bottom.  Fallen logs, deep pools, swift runs, and charming riffles all help to create classic holding water for steelhead, salmon, trout and smallmouth bass.  Bear Creek is a feeder to the Manistee that is found on the north side of the river.  This creek is also an excellent fishery for steelhead and can be found along River Road near where it enters the Manistee or off of Coates Highway to the north. This feeder stream to the Manistee can produce some great fishing!
































The Manistee River is most famous for its steelhead and salmon fishing, but produces some of the best trout fishing on a fly in the united states at times (Hex hatch).  Trout fishing is excellent and provides anglers with exciting action on both the surface and subsurface for a wide size variety of trout from little brookies to large shouldered brown and rainbow trout.  Hatches are prolific stirring the surface with hungry trout during the spring and summer.  Streamer fishing can produce big chases from monster brown trout in the spring, and during high water periods throughout the year.  Steelhead and salmon can be caught on Great Lakes fly patterns; egg flies, Hex nymphs, caddis larva, stone fly nymhs, as well as wet flies, spey flies, leeches, and streamers.  If you’re looking for an excellent Lake Michigan tributary for exciting steelhead and salmon fly fishing or for a great trout fishery to wet a fly, take a look at the Manistee River.
































































Fall Steelhead fishing on a fly can be awesome below Tippy dam from October through December. Water temps can turn these silver bullets into freight trains, and make some of the larger fish almost unlandable! Fishing with a guide will allow you to cover water and get you over the best fishing the river has to offer.
































































Although the access and wade fishing is good on this river, the use of a guide will always provide a safe, exciting educational experience, and put you on the best fishing the river has to offer at that time of year.
































































Jon's Guide Service offers guided fly fishing and instruction on Michigan's Manistee River  
































































Map of lower Manistee river below Tippy Dam































































Map of Manistee River from Tippy Dam to Lake Michigan































































































































































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